Submissive escort, these girls want to be put in their place

In the BDSM (bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and sadomasochism activities) world there are all kind of preferences and a bunch of services related to them. The most known is the dominatrix escort service, but there is another side to be explored. In the escort world there are also professional submissive escort services.

In this experience the professional escort plays instead of a dominant role, a submissive one. This means she is not taking the power, setting the session rules and giving the punishment, they are the ones who take it all.

In this area you may find light submissive roles or more hardcore services. In the “light” submissive roles the escort takes a lighter approach and there are some rules to be followed. For example, in a submissive light service the escort has to be able to release herself from the restrains and the blindfolding situation if she needs to. They just receive light spanking. Here the client is not allowed to perform activities that may turn into marks or severe injuries in the submissive.

As in all escort services, all the actions done must be agreed by both parts especially by the submissive. Big warning! Performing an act that is not approved by the submissive escort may be seen as an aggression, and may turn into serious consequences, including legal repercussions and even jail.

With that being said, the submissive beside following the rules or receiving the punishment, may offer anal teasing, which, for some is a taboo topic.

The real submissive finds pleasure in following the rules, in having someone who knows how to fulfill the dominant role and leaving the entire control of the situation to the leading men. In a complete submission context the dominant partner may do what he wants with her submissive and she must obey. BUT again everything must be with the submissive consent.

The dominant may want to perform tickling, spanking the buttocks, flogging,  slapping her face, caning her body, pulling the hair of the submissive or ask things like being on her knees, being tie up, follow commands, role play as a secretary, a pet, a student or a sex slave between others. They may also try watersports, breast torture, smoking or cross-dressing.

An experience told by a submissive escort was one of her clients enjoyed to bite. She was blindfolded, lying on the bed with her back uncovered. She had her hands and her feet tied up to the bed poles. In this position her client was able to bite her back. He first started with light bites, placing her skin between his teeth. Then as she moaned by pleasure, he increased the pressure going all over her back and buttocks. The hardest bites marks remained there for a few days, and every time she touch them she could feel the smallest pain going through her nerves and bringing back that session memories, which she still remembers as a special one.

For some this profession seems to be extremely dangerous, but according to a submissive escort provider, this role has the same dangers any other sexual worker may face. That doesn’t mean they won’t take precautions. Some start by knowing the client in a public place before the session and informing a trusted person about her location, the time and date of the session is a measure some take to prevent themselves from the risks. There are some that even send a picture of the client to an extremely reliable person, remember in this role the submissive is the most vulnerable.

Who hires de service?

All kind of men, their ages go from 40 to 60 but grownups are not excluded. Most of them are professionals in companies with responsibilities positions, which allow the submissive to have a select list of clients.

Why do people hire the service?

They just want to enjoy and experience with a professional escort, the fantasies they wish to explore. What makes this service better than other options? It is a controlled environment, with professional workers that know how to please and delight themselves in the process. The “plus” this service offers, is that, this is a not judgment environment, the worker is ready to listen to your fantasies and if it is between her own limits she will work as hard as possible to please you. There is no right or wrong, just a couple of rules to keep it as safe and as enjoyable as possible.

Where? And how much?

The price per session is between 300 and 500 USD. It depends on how long the session will last and the agreement done by the client and the submissive. The encounters may take place in a hotel, in a dungeon or in the submissive’s place. This last practice is not widely recommended, because it may lead to unsafe situations for the escort.

What about privacy?

Discretion is the base for all this activities. Escort workers say this is one of the most important things to keep, the clients privacy and them to keep hers. As working in this profession, for some, may be equal to prostitution, escorts prefer to protect their identity. On their pages most of them don’t show their faces, they may show her entire body, but they avoid the direct exposure of who they are. Clients also need to protect their privacy. People tend to judge some sexual behaviors as “wrong” as a “sin” or “taboo” they may be socially punished, if their most profound fantasies are discovered, so discretion in this service is a must.

Before this ends, don’t stop yourself from living up your fantasies; what you need to do is to find the best conditions to experience it. Make a proper web search; meet the service provider in a controlled environment where you can discuss what you like and what are her limits; ask all the questions you may have doubts about. Find the right location for you. And always respect the safe word, this rule will keep the experience safe and pleasant for both to enjoy.

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